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Fiber Arts
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I've lived in Mississippi most of my life, and much of what I do artistically is influenced by the music, the colors, the culture, the language. I love working with textiles and fibers in creating fabric, doll-making and mixed media. For many years I designed children's clothing, adding whimsy and fun to classic styles. While I occasionally still do that work, my focus these days is mostly fiber arts, art construction, writing and painting.
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I was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and have lived for periods of my life in New Jersey, Memphis, Jackson and most recently New Orleans. As clergy, I spent many years serving churches in Mississippi and Tennessee. My late husband and I retired to our home in New Orleans permanently in 2014. While in Memphis I created a non-profit writing program for inner-city girls, not only teaching them how to write about their lives but also many other methods of creativity. My published pieces include seven essays in anthologies, and one of my novels made it to the top 25% of Amazon's Great American Novel Contest. I have completed 4 additional manuscripts which are in varying states of review. When I moved to New Orleans I realized my dream of opening a creativity business where I engaged local artists to teach their craft. I also taught fiber arts, painting, creative writing and doll-making. Trained in Depth Psychology (Jungian), and Family Systems Theory, I have led Dream Groups with a focus on interpreting the images and symbols in dreams through artistic expression. After the death of my husband in 2019, I found I could no longer live comfortably in New Orleans. I knew I would have to move to my 2nd favorite place, the Gulf Coast. I love my new home in Waveland and my new community.
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