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HOLLY ROBERTS Collage and Paint:The Perfect Marriage, 5-day Workshop

  • 6 May 2024
  • 9:00 AM
  • 10 May 2024
  • 4:00 PM
  • 405 Blaize Ave, Bay St. Louis MS
  • 14




Description of the workshop
This class will explore as many different aspects of constructing the collage as possible with paint acting as the integrating element.  By using water based paint over and under the constructed collages, students will learn not only how to build their collages, but also how to paint both supportively and expressively.  By understanding how the different media work together, each student will be able to understand what process works best in finding his/her own creative voice.  We will cover transfers, gluing techniques, compatibility of media, and different ways of working with water based paints.  Materials will include but not be limited to: paint, photographs, found objects, organic material, and drywall mud.

Appropriate for ages 16 thru adults

Workshop Fee Members: $950
Workshop Fee Non-Members: $995
$20 supply fee INCLUDED IN ABOVE FEES INCLUDES: Gesso, drywall compound, contact paper, presentation paper, parchment paper and sandpaper for each student. 




·     Cadmium Yellow (Light or medium)
·      Cadmium Red (deep)
·      Alizarin Crimson
·      Ultramarine Blue
·      Cerulean Blue
·      Thalo Green or Viridian
·      Yellow Ochre
·      Burnt Umber or Raw Umber
·      Titanium or Zinc white, or a combination of the two
·      Naples Yellow
·      Paynes Gray

(Really, just bring enough colors so that you have lots of choices; this is a basic list if you don’t already have paints)

(personally, I like the liquid paints rather than the tube paints)


5-10 artists’ brushes, from very large to very small, including any soft watercolor or
Japanese brushes
1” house paint brush
1”, 3” & 4” house paint brush
(the house paint brushes should be inexpensive NATURAL bristle brushes found in hardware stores-most commonly made in china and not costing over $2.00 per brush - the more brushes the better on these) 
Foam brushes, different sizes, small to large (JEN foam brushes are the best. The ones with the plastic T going into the foam part fall apart quickly)
Again, bring whatever brushes you have


  • Scissors or x-acto knife, whichever you prefer to cut with.
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Plastic credit cards (no longer in use)
  • Water containers and spray bottles

    A Laptop is recommended if you can bring.

    Thumb or flash drive with any photographic information you would like to print out


    One or more of the following sizes you feel comfortable working with and transporting:

    Plywood, Masonite(or hardboard), MDF board, or any hardwood panels(I recommend Panels for their durability and good adhesion qualities)

    Paper (100lb or heavier)

    Canvas panels boards are okay but not great.  Tend to weaken under abuse

    Any rigid surface but NO mat board or foam core


    polymer medium (gloss or matte), AKA gloss or matte medium or gel medium although not as good as the more liquid polymer mediums


    Photographs, color or black and white

    Prints from your inkjet or laser printer

    Colors from laser prints are not permanent, but work best for some transfers. Copies from Kinko’s type places work well) or using your own laser Printer

    Images from magazines or newspapers

    Any photographic information of any kind that you want to bring in-if it’s important make a copy (or several) so you won’t lose the original. 20lb copy paper-the regular stuff-works well.

    Anything that you would like to work with that you think you can adhere to a surface. If you have an inkling of wanting to use something, then bring it.

    Any drawings, prints, paintings of your own that you would like to incorporate into your image

    For the most part we aren’t concerned with the quality of your photo, but rather with your ability to cut it or transfer it and use it in your image


    • Scrapers
    • Putty knives
    • Sponges

    Your Instructor is renowned artist Holly Roberts. 

     Read about Holly Roberts HERE.


    405 Blaize Avenue
    Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

    Tuesday -Saturday

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