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Working With Pastels, with Janet Densmore

  • 3 Mar 2023
  • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Hancock Arts, 405 Blaize Ave.
  • 7


  • Pastel Workshop
  • Pastel workshop

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CLASS DESCRIPTION: Beginners can expect to learn basic pastel techniques of composing an image, correcting errors, using values to create depth and interest, and mixing optical color schemes to add visual excitement and textures; all based upon a simple landscape layout defined by horizon, sky, land and sea—what we see around us here in Hancock County.

  • Those who are already familiar with pastels may have a specific path or challenge they would like to pursue, or a painting they want to focus on and complete. If not, they will be encouraged to try some experimental techniques; and learn how to create color harmony by means of selective palettes, and to see color as it relates to light, shadow, atmosphere, time of day, or reflective surfaces such as water or metal.

    Students are to bring their own supplies!!

    MATERIALS LIST: If you already have pastels, pastel paper/boards, easel, etc.- great-just bring it to class.

    EVERYONE needs to arrive with the following:

  •   Wet wipes and Kleenex/paper towels
  •   Protective Gloves or Barrier cream
  •   A medium-size empty cardboard box with top flap closure To keep materials in, to use for spraying fixatives, and to shape flaps into a temporary easel for class. (Liquor Stores, convenience stores will give these away.)
  •   2 plastic grocery bags for disposing of wet wipes etc.
  •   Some blue painters tape (sold at hardware stores/Walmart, etc.
For students who have no pastel equipment here is the suggested materials list. You will find these available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and in online stores such as Blick, Jerrys Art Supply, Cheap Joe’s, etc.
  •   One set of dry stick pastels (not pan, not oil) minimum 12 colors-you may use either hard drawing pastels, or the thicker soft pastel sticks or both. Try for as many colors as possible including black and white don’t go for the portrait set as it’s too limited.
  •   Pad of Pastel paper assortment  9”x 12” or smaller.
  •   1 spray can of workable fixative
  •   A kneaded eraser

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: JANET DENSMORE Has devoted decades to painting and drawing from abstraction to realism to portraiture. Experienced in visual art, her education spans BFA (sculpture & painting) Univ. of Michigan/LSU, and postgrad studies/projects in film and video. Under her belt she has worked in broadcast television-foreign and domestic; past WGAE member; various honors, awards, publications/exhibitions in both written and visual media at the national and international level. She is happily retired and still painting and drawing and enjoying sharing with those who want to explore or grow with art.


405 Blaize Avenue
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Tuesday -Saturday

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